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We are a little different


Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Unknown Dinner Club”?

You will experience dinner with 4 courses, paired with alcoholic beverages that are scaled down to enjoy throughout the course. The dinner and the pairings will be “Unknown” until it is in front of you. We are truly inspired by the seasons and design the menu artistically while keeping it very approachable. 


So can I just walk in and have an appetizer?

Unknown Dinner Club happens daily in addition to being able to walk in and grab a spot at the bar, or any available tables. We have a great A La Carte food menu that is updated daily and is visible on our website homepage. Plates vary in size and substance so you can have some snacks, or make a meal out of it. 


What if there are allergies/restrictions/pregnancies?

When you make the reservation through Tock, it will prompt you to notate any concerns for you and your guests. We can accommodate all allergies and restrictions (vegetarians, pescatarian, gluten-free, ect.) If you are vegan, we can certainly accommodate but if we have more notice of your reservation, the more time our team has to create more inspired courses. 


What about guests who do not want the pairing or that are not drinking alcohol?

We offer a lower price of $80 if you are opting out of the beverage pairing. You may order drinks from A La Carte from our extensive selection of spirits and non-alcoholic beverages. If you are not drinking alcohol but would like the pairings, we will pair non-alcoholic beverages to elevate the 4 courses. 


What are the pairings?

With the food menu changing often, we are often changing the beverage pairings on a daily/weekly basis. We typically pair wine and cocktails, but we have a great array of amari, fortified wines, liquors and vermouths that may be joining your glass as well. 


How much alcohol will I be receiving for the pairing?

Typically pairings for the 4 courses is equivalent to 2 alcoholic beverages. Most people do order wine, cocktails or a bottle for the table in addition to the pairing, or in replace of the pairings. 


How often does the menu change?

We are inspired seasonally and change the menu often. We usually have a menu that is planned for the week and change the following. Although, each day brings us new inspirations and this may change a course, a protein or all four courses. 


I have questions or more information on my reservation, how do I get a hold of someone?

We do not have a phone number for the restaurant. We are actively observing emails while we are open for noteworthy information. Please stop in and see us, or contact us at:


Where do I park?

We have off-street parking at the restaurant and you can park on the street with lots of available spots on the block. Reminder of the parking ban in the village of Kenmore from 2 AM - 6 AM November 15 - March 15th. 


Is there only one location now?

Yes, the South Buffalo location is no longer in operation. The new space in Kenmore is located where Hoelschers Meats was once located on Delaware Avenue and Allegany Avenue. If you are using GPS and or Ride Services, please note the address in Kenmore on Delaware Avenue.

Where to Find Us

3067 Delaware Ave.
Kenmore, NY 


WED - FRI 5pm - 10pm

Whitagram-Image (75)_edited.jpg
an amazing spot for a date! Food was perfect, drinks were great, and service was spot on! I really enjoyed the different flavors in the food (like the basil ice cream and curry in the stewed apples with the pork). I would love to go here again! And often because the menu changes regularly!

Victoria Brooks

5 star google review

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